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What Makes Us Different?

Prime Nurture Services is an independent therapeutic residential children’s home provider based in the East Midlands. Along with all reputable care providers we are fully committed to improving the lives of children and young people in care by providing safe, nurturing, and therapeutic living environments. However, the overarching aim of Prime Nurture Services is to deliver nothing short of “Outstanding” care.

Our Vision


We are approaching Children’s Services with refreshing new thinking.  Our first home, Apollo House, based in Nottinghamshire, is open and caring for young people.


Our Directors have experience of residential childcare and the challenges that can often be faced. We plan to rapidly expand our care offerings and will have 10+ residential homes over the next 3 years.

Through on-going development and training we will ensure all our teams are well prepared to meet the needs of the children and young people in our care and that they are given every opportunity to extend their skills, develop their careers and to help them find new ways to improve the lives of children every day.

By working proactively with the local community (including neighbours, faith groups, leisure organisations and local businesses) we give the children and young people in our care a sense of belonging, security and purpose which will lead to ‘Outstanding’ results.

We fully believe in quality over quantity and our vision is to create a high-quality service that can achieve the best outcomes for all children and young people that step through our doors. As an independent provider we are able to focus our resources more effectively on the outcomes for our children and young people through a bespoke and individualised care plan that suits their needs and works relentlessly towards positive outcomes.


Our homes provide a holistic, safe, stimulating and supportive family-style environment where the children and young people we care for can live, learn and develop.

Care Factors

Learning & Development

At Prime Nurture Services we believe that those most able to positively affect the outcomes for the children and young people in our care are the professional carers that work tirelessly within our homes, helping to make a difference in the lives of the children and young people every day.

Whatever their role, we ensure that our teams receive high quality, accredited training, development and professional qualifications, to offer the highest quality of care provision that will be a benchmark for our outstanding success.

We recognise a trained workforce with the right skills will be more able, stable, and effective. Through a comprehensive blend of mandatory and non-mandatory training programmes, we will ensure that our care teams are all trained to:

  • understand the impact of trauma on development

  • practice attachment theory

  • identify and deal with a wide range of behaviours

  • communicate effectively.


They are also given skills and strategies for how to respond to the challenges presented when working with children and young people.

Reflective practice will be part of the culture of the homes formally and informally, as part of daily relationships and within team meetings, supervisions, one-to-one’s, etc. Reflective practice aims to develop awareness about events and personal feelings, and encourage evaluation, analysis and future action planning. It also helps to improve what we do and reduce reactive or ‘stuck’ approaches.

Our team is diverse, comprising male and female staff with a good mix of age ranges, cultural and religious backgrounds therefore providing a balance of adult support and guidance throughout a young person’s stay. The staff team comes from various backgrounds and brings to their work a varied range of skills, experience and qualifications.


All new starters complete a comprehensive induction which will include several essential training elements with a requirement to complete the diploma qualification once they have successfully passed their probation.

Our vision of high aspiration and positivity is shared across the organisation and we are proud that our leaders and managers are inspirational, confident and ambitious for the children and young people in their care and whose lives they will be influential in changing for the better. They have high expectations of their staff to positively affect and improve the lives of the children they are responsible for.

Our team places the well-being of individual children at the centre of their practice, irrespective of the challenges they may present, which will allow them to deliver ‘Outstanding’ care.

Practice Model

1. Evidence Base / Practice Model

It is statistically proven that homes using a therapeutic framework, appropriately and consistently which is deeply embedded within the culture of the home, achieve “Outstanding” ratings by Ofsted.


2. Holistic Planning Approach

By adopting this approach, we believe that where any risks are well understood they can be significantly reduced. Proactive and creative safeguarding practice means that our children, especially the most vulnerable, will have a strong sense of safety and well-being and they will be more likely to excel in our care and our proactivity will show in ‘Outstanding’ results.


3. Specialist / Targeted Interventions

We will ensure that where specialist help is required we will be relentless in ensuring this is made available, as soon as it is needed, at the intensity required and for as long as it is required to ensure we deliver ‘Outstanding’ results.


4. Assessment and Outcomes Tools

The use of technology has already proved to be a great support for engaging with children and young people as well as increasing the face-time that the team will have with them, which will help to create “Outstanding” experiences and memories.

5. Ongoing Reviews / Continuous Improvement

By combining both formal and informal feedback loops we are able to review our service delivery on an ongoing basis. This results in us continually learning about the service we deliver and how we can continue to improve it.

The homes provide a high standard of accommodation and the physical environment is maintained to a high standard.

The staff team is fully committed to working intensively, providing care and support to all young people who come to live in one of our homes.

Our homes all times endeavour to avoid the negative aspects usually associated with institutional residential living and strive to create an environment and atmosphere where children and young people excel and their experience of living in one of our homes will enhance their life chances.

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